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Discover how to transform your farm or ranch business by selling more products directly to consumers! The Regenerative Profits Virtual Summit is a FREE 3-day event packed with exclusive marketing content specifically designed for farmers and ranchers like you.

But that's not all! You'll also have the unique opportunity to hear presentations from our Farm Rebel expert coaches, who have helped hundreds of small family farmers increase their profitability using innovative digital marketing strategies. They'll share their hands-on experiences and success stories, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the techniques that work best for businesses just like yours.

World-Class Speakers

Learn from industry-leading experts who will share their knowledge and experience to help you thrive in the direct-to-consumer market.

Connecting People

Forge meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and passionate foodies to create a supportive, sustainable network for a thriving local food movement.

Innovative Ideas

Discover unique ideas and strategies to revolutionize your local food farm or ranch business and make a lasting impact for generations to come.

LEARN FROM Speakers Who Have Helped Over 100,000+ Family Farms Succeed ... 

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Joel Salatin

Game-changing strategies for regenerative agriculture and ethical farming.

Diana Rogers

Advocating for the benefits of meat, improving grazing practices for sustainability.

Cameron King

Build a winning business mindset as a farmer or rancher

Chris Orzechowski

Writing profitable farm-to-table emails 

Jerret Hammons

7-Steps To 7-Figures Selling Direct-To-Consumer

Stephan Van Vliet

Agriculture's impact on nutrient density and human health.

Nina Galle

Best practices for farm 

Jared Sorensen

Profitable regenerative farming and ranching

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Still Have Questions? Here Are Some Answers...

Is this event really free?
Yes! The Regenerative Profits Virtual Summit is completely free to attend. Our mission is to provide farmers and ranchers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the direct-to-consumer market.
How do I access the virtual summit?
After registering, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the information you need to watch the summit videos.
Is there a date for this summit?
The summit has passed, so you will be registering to watch the replays. These replays will be available for a limited time after you register.

Meet The Summit Host

Proudly Hosted by Farm Rebel

Sponsored by Local Line

Cameron King


​Cameron King is the catalytic Founder and CEO of the Gee Whiz Company, parent company to Farm Rebel (by Grassfed Marketing™)  in Alpine, Utah.

In the wake of a family health crisis in 2014, Cam learned about the potentially life-saving benefits of grass-fed and grass-finished meat. Frustrated by limited access to these products in his neighborhood, he started a beef company of his own.

The rapid success of this experiment led him to create a licensing and coaching program ​to help farm-to-table meat producers, just like you, with a direct-to-consumer strategy to increase revenue, build the farm or ranch of their dreams and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Cameron King is leading the Gee Whiz Company and its subsidiaries toward their Moonshot to help 1 million farmers profitably transition from conventional to regenerative farming practices while feeding 1 billion people by 2030.
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