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Having a THRIVING grassfed business, doing what you love, without relying on word of mouth, lowering your prices, or gambling at the sale barn.



Considered by many to be North America’s leading Grassfed Marketing Coach, Cameron King is the founder of several highly acclaimed training programs, including Grassfed Marketing Secrets, Customers On Demand, and 7 Figure Farmer Academy.

He is a prolific content creator, celebrated speaker, and highly regarded marketing and sales trainer. He is also the founder of the #1 grassfed marketing group on Facebook, Grassfed Marketing Secrets.

Since 2016, Cameron has trained thousands of farmers and ranchers how to utilize his grassfed marketing secrets to make more money with less effort, regardless of market conditions.

You’re A Farmer. A Rancher. A Grass-fed Producer. A Business Owner...

And the success of your business depends on your ability to consistently bring in high-quality customers and then keep them buying from you. 

It’s not enough to be an expert grazier or a great finisher… to be successful, you need to become a great grass-fed marketer.

In short, you need a system that generates new customers on-demand. 

And not just any customers, but the right customers. 

The ones who are thrilled to buy from you. 

Who understand and appreciate your unique value in the marketplace. 

Who crave the sense of community and well-being that only a relationship with you, their local farmer, can provide. 

Who gladly pay a premium for the thoughtfully raised products you offer. 

Who sing your praises, refer you to friends and family, and remain loyal through the years.

Without a steady flow of customers, you’re grass-fed business is in trouble.

We can help.

Frankly, most of the so-called “grassfed marketing experts” out there are teaching you how to do it the HARD WAY: 

Farmer’s markets. Selling cheap. Hiring advertising agencies.

Sure, all stuff works, eventually

If you throw enough mud at the wall, something’s bound to stick. 

However, these tactics are hopeless when it comes to working SMARTER, not harder. 

The fact is there’s a huge difference between chasing after any customer and attracting the right customers.

Grassfed Marketing® is different.

We help our clients implement cutting-edge grassfed marketing systems (that work even when you’re not working), so you can stop chasing the wrong customers... 

...and start ATTRACTING the right ones -- on AUTOPILOT.

And we give you the technical support AND the mindset support you need to build a REAL BUSINESS that sets you free, as opposed to a glorified job, trading time for money.

In other words, we specialize in helping you create BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS.

Welcome to THE PLACE where grassfed producers MASTER success. Visit our About page. Click on our Clients page and meet some of the people we’ve worked with.

And when you’re ready, click below to watch a complimentary training about the exact process we use to help our clients grow their grassfed businesses to 6, and even 7 figures… without relying on farmer’s markets or selling cheap.
Welcome to Grassfed Marketing.
To your success,

Cameron King



"The NEW WAY Of Building A Thriving Grassfed Business…

...without gambling at the sale barn, relying on farmers markets, or selling cheap."

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Cameron King
"We're living through the greatest opportunity in history for grassfed producers to build thriving businesses and make an exceptional living doing what they love. The future belongs to the grassfed entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to step up, seize the opportunity, and actively participate in shaping the future of food."
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Disclaimer: Success is hard. We coached every one of our clients through fear, overwhelm, and challenges to find success. Your business is unique, therefore your results will be unique. If you are looking for “get rich quick” or “get rich easy” look elsewhere.
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